The CDA Board will be submitting proposals to the Alaska Board of Fisheries for consideration at their December 2014 meeting in Cordova. Proposals for this meeting are due by 5:00 PM April 10, 2014. If you or any other member has ideas for changes to Chitina Personal Use Dipnet Regulations or changes concerning the Prince William Sound salmon fisheries, please let us hear from you.

The CDA annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 5, at 7PM in the Pioneers Hall at Pioneer Park (Alaskaland) Fairbanks. There will be mid-meeting refreshments and door prizes. We will talk about dipnet issues and a Fish & Game fisheries biologist will give the rundown on last year’s harvest and escapement numbers plus estimates for the 2014 Copper River salmon run. Annual membership dues of $20 can be paid at the meeting.

CDA will have a booth at the Fairbanks Outdoor Show, April 25-27. Members willing to help man the booth for a couple hours will be most appreciated. If you can help procure prizes for a raffle please let us know. We plan to send two Board members to the December Board of Fisheries meeting in Cordova to present our proposals (come to the annual meeting for details), which will take a bit of money. We will be selling CDA t-shirts, hoodies and memberships at the Outdoor Show, the annual meeting and online at our website.

Join the CDA!

Membership in the Chitina Dipnetters Association helps preserve our rights, as individuals, to an important Alaskan natural resource -- the Wild Copper River Salmon.

Alaskans from all over the state rely on their personal harvest of salmon for reasons well beyond just putting food on the table. There's a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency associated with dipnetting that cannot be fulfilled at Fred Meyer or Safeway no matter how good the savings over their regular price. The right to partake in the Copper River dipnet fishery is one of the reasons many of us live in Alaska. That participation adds value to our lives. Should we lose the right to provide for ourselves from this wild country we live in, an important aspect of many Alaskans' lifestyles will have disappeared.

If this way of life is important to you, consider joining the Chitina Dipnetters Association. We're working hard to ensure your rights and access to this important resource. Membership dues are only $20/year. Download and print our membership form. Fill it out and send it with your check to:

Chitina Dipnetters Assn
1002 Pioneer Road
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

to support us in our ongoing quest to stand up for your right to partake in this important Alaskan tradition.

We now also accept payments via PayPal. Please make sure to include your mailing address and phone number on the PayPal form.

Please also consider making a donation towards our legal fight to have dipnetting properly classified as a subsistence fishery when you send in your membership application. We cannot continue this work without your financial support.

Don't have a printer? No problem, simply write your name, address, phone number and email address on a piece of paper and mail it to us at the above address.