Chitina Dipnet Hotline

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Fishing Report: Wed, Jul 29th at 7:26am

It is official today, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed the personal use dip net fishery through August 31. Sam and I are sorry for those of you who were not able to get any fish. We are very grateful for those of you who decided to go out even though we told you fishing might be slow. Lord willing we will be here next year with the same service you’ve come to expect from Hem and Copper river Charters. Thanks, Mark and Sam.

Fishing Report: Mon, Jul 27th at 7:39am

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been silent for the last week. It is very likely that dip netting will be closed for the month of August. It is closed all this week and we will find out on Wednesday what next week looks like. The number of fish passing the miles lake sonar are continuing to dwindle. They have been below 1400 fish for the last few days. We have closed off bookings until they announce another opener, at which time we will immediately open the reservation system again. For information about our charters you can go to,

Fishing Report: Thu, Jul 16th at 2:23pm

This first dip net with the black webbing is the old style. It’s good to bring one of those for when the fishing is very good. But when the fishing is slow the second net with the bigger hoop and gillnet material is much more effective. The blue poles are also the best, they come in 6 foot sections and you should have at least two. If you want to increase your odds on a low fish run year you definitely want the second one. We do rent them for $30 each for the day if you c... an’t find one. The dip net opening for next week is from 12:01 AM Friday July 24 through 11: 59 PM Sunday, July 26. It looks like the openings and closings of the fishery will follow this pattern for the rest of the season, maybe changing a few hours here or there. We have opened additional space for this week, go out around 2 o’clock on Saturday and stay out until 6 PM Sunday. We will not be on the river on Sunday to check on you so be prepared to stay until 6 PM. that gives you an extra 12 hours on the river to potentially increase your catch. to make reservations go to

Fishing Report: Fri, Jul 10th at 3:34pm

With dipping being closed three days this week, I had a rare opportunity to get out on the Dan Orion with owner Dave Wiley of Orion charters for a day of halibut fishing. It’s rare for him to have openings, you normally have to book a year in advance. So with lack of tourism he has some slots open. Visit his webpage for reservations. After that we took our fish to easy freeze where Mike and Donna took care of us doing an excellent job. It’s a great place to bring your salmon for flash freezing and vacuum packing. Fishing here in Chitina started out with a bang and slowed right down this week because of High water and low fish numbers. It closes Sunday at midnight and reopens Thursday at noon next week, we will offer the same package we had this last week for Thursday and Thursday night, check previous post for details.