Chitina Dipnet Hotline

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Fishing Report: Thu, Jul 2nd at 4:28pm Dipneting closes Sunday at midnight and does not reopen until Thursday, July 9 at noon. Fishing yesterday was fairly slow but today is much better. We will start taking people out July 9 at 10 AM and if you don’t get what you want by 6 PM you can spend the night. It’s an excellent opportunity to get an extra six hours on the river. It has been hot and sunny yesterday and today and the river is starting to come up which may effect fishing. These two couples got their 35 fish and were finished by 1 PM today. Their fish along with another boatload that just came, are on the four wheeler trailer. To make reservations

Fishing Report: Mon, Jun 29th at 4:59pm

These three ladies went out today and came back with what they wanted by 2 o’clock. The river is at a good level and holding steady. Fishing remains fair to good. Our day reservations are almost completely full through this Saturday. But overnight trips are still available. To book a trip go to,

Fishing Report: Sun, Jun 28th at 6:06am Fishing did turn out to be fairly good this week considering the low numbers of fish in the river. ADF&G still has not reached their in river escapement goal for the summer. Although fishing is open this entire next week, see previous post, we may see some bigger closures the following week and into the rest of the summer. The only reason dip netting has been open as much as it has is because the governor wants Alaskans to be able to harvest foo... d for their families. Otherwise it should’ve been like 2018 when dip netting was closed for over 2/3 of the summer. The River is fairly low for this time of year, and I believe should be stable for the next week depending on weather. This first picture is a seagull frenzy after we cleaned the shoots out on our cleaning table. The second picture is at the lower limit of the dip net fishery, Spirit Mountain. more information and to make reservations go to,

Fishing Report: Thu, Jun 25th at 3:59am

The personal use dipnet fishery will be open continuously next week from 12:01 AM Monday June 29 to 11: 59 PM Sunday July 5th. Kings are closed for the rest of the season. Fishing for our customers has remained good. Remember though, they are still below their projected escapement for the year so there are not an over abundance of fish in the river. There has been A lot of rain up country which may affect fishing, only time will tell. for complete information about a charter or to make a reservation you can go to our website, This father and son did very well yesterday, and that was the sky up river from O’Bryan Creek at 5:30 PM yesterday.