Paul Delys

Paul Delys grew up on Kodiak Island. He worked his way through high school and college commercial fishing, and skippering a salmon tender and a pilot boat. He attended UAF from 1982-85, graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Now retired, most of his professional career was spent pushing computers around and managing the network at UAF's Geophysical Institute. As a life-long devotee to making others' lives better, he started volunteering at Chena Goldstream Fire and Rescue in 1989, learning the craft and teaching the Department's recruit class to a generation of new firefighters. He retired after 25 years in the volunteer fire service. The first fish camp he worked at in 1976 served salmon twice a day, every day, all summer long. He still loves salmon and has been dipnetting at Chitina since the late 1980's.

Paul is committed to the Chitina Dipnetters Association because he believes all Alaskans should have direct access to the State's salmon resources instead of relying on grocery stores.