2020 Covid-19 and dipnetting

The State of Alaska has issued public health mandates relating to Covid 19. Mandate 12 limits intrastate travel between communities to critical infrastructure or critical needs. While subsistence fishing remained open and unrestricted under the mandates, there was concern that sport and personal use fishing would not be considered a critical need and would be curtailed.The State announced on April 13 that all sport and personal use fishing will take place as normal with added guidelines to prevent spread of the virus.

According to the guidelines, residents should fish as close to home as possible and should not plan on stopping for supplies outside of their home communities. ADF&G says fishermen should know and abide by any local health mandates. While fishing, the department encourages the use of face coverings and says fishermen must practice social distancing. The various charter businesses that service Chitina dipnetters will have their own requirements to protect themselves, their customers and comply with the State mandates.

The Covid 19 pandemic has created some challenging times for our country. I hope you are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourselves, your family and those in your community.