Chitina Personal Use Fishery Qualifications and Licensing

Only legal State of Alaska Residents may participate in the Copper River Personal Use Fishery. This generally means you must have resided in the State of Alaska for at least one year. (

You must purchase a State of Alaska sport fishing license for the current year (

Your household must purchase a $15 Copper River Personal Use dipnet permit. Only one permit is allowed per household but everyone in the household can fish on the permit. Proceeds of the permit pay for trash and outhouse services in the fishing areas as well as road and the O'Brien Creek trail maintenance. You are required to have your dipnet permit on your person while fishing. You must mark your permit immediately when you're done fishing. (

At the end of the season, you must file an online report with the ADF&G. Failure to file a timely report may lead to suspension of your future fishing privileges. (

The difinitive and authoritative source for this information is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game: As of July 4, 2020, this page should be correct but may be out of date in the future as rules and regulations change.