November 8, 2018

Chitina Dipnetters Association Members:

I hope you had a successful Chitina dipnetting experience this year
even though the sockeye salmon run numbers were low and the run was
very late. That and the frequent high water episodes on the Copper
River coupled with reduced weekly fishing time periods made for a
challenging dip net harvest. In the positive, there were some large
sockeyes this year.

Several of you have asked about progress on trail improvements
between O'Brien and Haley Creeks using part of the monies from the $15
Chitina dip net permit fee. This spring before dip net season opened,
manual brushing was completed all the way to Haley Creek. This October,
the DOT Tazlina crew brought an excavator and a small dozer in to deal
with trouble spots up to mile 5.13. I have attached several example
pictures of the work they completed. Picture 1 shows before their work
on one of the worst spots (mile 5.13), where ATV riders were forced to
winch up over large sloping slabs of rock. Picture 2 shows the area
after the DOT work. Quite a change. I was told they used some very
large rock underneath the fill to stabilize the trail bed. Pictures 3
and 4 are examples of their dozer work smoothing out the trail prior to
mile 5.13. They made the trail double wide to that point. More pictures
of their work are available for viewing on our website,

In anticipation of continuing work next summer, DOT will be working
this winter to obtain the permits for the remainder of the trail to
Haley Creek. DOT asked me to request our members' feedback or
suggestions on their work. If you have any, email them to me and I will
forward your comments to the Tazlina crew.

I am happy to report that Reed Morisky, the interior Alaska
representative on the Board of Fisheries, was elected as chairman of
the Board by his fellow members. This is great news for us! Reed has
been a strong advocate of dipnetting and sport fishing. Thank you,
Reed, for taking on this responsibility.

Christmas will be upon us before you know it! The CDA website store
has some awesome CDA apparel that makes great Christmas gifts for the
dipnetters on your list. Or, how about a CDA membership? It's only a
couple clicks away.

Here's hoping you are enjoying the fruits of your dipnetting efforts
and that you have a fun time during the upcoming holidays.

Chuck Derrick, president
The Chitina Dipnetters Association