Private property

Chitina Private Property Map

Map via <a href="…; target="_blank">ADF&G</a> with independent edits by CDA.

The Chitina Personal Use Dipnet Fishery is accessed through private property on both sides of the Copper River between the bridge at Chitina and Haley Creek. The property owners are the Ahtna and Chitina Native Corporations.

A State of Alaska public Right of Way (RoW) extends 150 feet to either side of the center of the roadway to O'Brien Creek and continuing on the trail to Haley Creek, providing access to many of the areas where people like to fish. When and where that RoW meets the Ordinary High Water mark (OWH), it is legal to cross private property to access fishing spots. Where the Ordinary High Water mark is beyond 150 feet of the roadway centerline, the RoW does not allow fishers to cross the private land. The map explains Ordinary High Water mark and shows areas on the O'Brien Creek road/trail that are off-limits without permission from the property-holders.

Boaters may access the east side of the river (the other side of the bridge) from the water, but there is no State of Alaska RoW, so all people must have the property owner's permission to climb upland beyond OHW.

Heading out of Chitina towards the Copper River Bridge, all of the land until 150' from the bridge is private property with no RoW access to the river. This includes the parking lot and trail to Salmon Point.

The property owners have placed payment boxes in areas where, in previous years, one could pay $15 for a per vehicle permit for access to their land to go fishing. We currently have no information leading us to believe that will change this year.

Regardless if you are crossing the private property over the State RoW or have paid for a permit to cross, treat the land with same respect you would expect visitors to show your own property. Do not litter, do not cut down trees, do not deface, disturb or remove any artifacts or historic/cultural sites you find. Leave the property in the same or better condition as you find it.