T-Shirt Art Contest

The contest has closed. We should have results in a few weeks. Thanks to all who participated! The Chitina Dipnetters Association (a 501c(4) non-profit) is hosting a contest for a design to be printed on t-shirts and hoodies. The winning artist will be awarded $300. All entries must be submitted by midnight, March 31, 2021 (Let’s be real here, 10am, April 1st, is when I’ll check for entries, and that’s no April Fool’s joke). The design will be printed on our 2021 run of t-shirts and hoodies. Sale proceeds will be used to fund our mission of advancing and enhancing the personal use dipnet fishery for all Alaskans on the Copper River.

Decision criteria will be based, in no particular order, on an intersection of

  • Chitina dipnetting theme,

  • humor,

  • family friendliness,

  • printing cost

Designs dependent on a specific background color (the t-shirt or hoodie color) should clearly identify and specify the color as part of the submission.

Entries should include a readily viewable .jpg or .png file and a 300+ dpi Photoshop .psd, Illustrator .ai, Gimp 2.x .xcf, or an .svg file. Other file formats may be accepted with permission.

Artists may submit multiple entries.

It is our intention to have all merchandise printed in Fairbanks.

The CDA Board of Directors will judge entries. The winning entry will receive $300 in exchange for exclusive, perpetual, and unlimited rights to use the image on CDA merchandise and in print.

The Chitina Dipnetters Association will not make use of any non-winning submissions without negotiating mutually acceptable terms with the artist.

Entries, questions, comments or feedback accepted and replied to via art@chitinadipnetters.com.

Visit our website at https://chitinadipnetters.com or our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/chitinadipnettersassociation

EDIT: Hand drawn artwork that can be cleanly scanned and digitized is also acceptable.