Frequently Asked Questions

Fishing equipment: At the very least, you'll need a dipnet if you want to go dipnetting. 8-)

  • A good starter dipnet has a 3' hoop with a 12' pole.
  • Stringer - a piece of line upon which to string the fish you catch.

Safety equipment: Depending where and how you fish, you might also want to bring

  • a life vest
  • a stout line or rope to tie yourself to the bank

Other: after fishing, you'll need:

  • A knife for cleaning fish.
  • A cooler for the cleaned fish
  • Ice (As of July 4, 2020, ice is available from several Chitina vendors. Keep an eye out for signs)


  • What are minimum pieces of equipment I'll need to go dipnetting?

Bring a boat, boat gas, spare dipnets, tents, fillet knives, sharpening steels, sleeping bags, beer, more ice than you think you'll ever need What advanced type of equipment could I bring that would be useful?