2019 Chitina Roundup

The 2020 Chitina Personal Use Dip Net Fishery (CPUDF) permit income meeting between CDA, DOT and ADF&G was held March 19 by teleconference due to social gathering restrictions caused by the corona virus. Chuck Derrick (CDA president), Jason Sakalaskas (Fairbanks DOT), John Hoffman (Tazlina DOT), Tim Viavant (ADF&G) and Klaus Wuttig (ADF&G) were in attendance. Tim provided calculations for the number of 2019 permits issued, by whom they were issued, and a breakdown of revenue garnered through permit sales. A total of 8,070 CPUDF permits were purchased in 2019 generating a revenue of $115,611. John Hoffman described the fall 2019 work done by his Tazlina DOT crew clearing landslides past the fall 2018 trail reconstruction end point at mile 5.2 of the trail between O'Brien and Haley Creeks. They were able to gain approximately another mile of trail rehab. John plans (weather permitting) to use the remainder of the FY 20 RSA (2018 permit sales) to continue work on the canyon trail in the spring (2020) before the dipnetting season starts. Their goal will be to work their way through a 200 yard, very narrow part of the trail that runs next to a rock wall. When finished rehabbing that section this spring, John says the trail from there dives back into the woods and their fall 2020 work should go quickly to and through the final large slide at Haley Creek. John said the toilet and garbage contract for the 2019 dip net season has remained steady in the $50,000 range.