December, 2020, Board of Fish meeting

The Alaska BOF is scheduled to meet in Cordova this December to hear proposals for changes to the Copper River and Prince William Sound fin-fish regulations. CDA has submitted a proposal to extend the lower boundary of the Chitina Sub-district ½ mile below the existing lower boundary. This proposal will open up new fishing sites and give boat dipnetters a longer continuous drift. The proposal and map are attachments to this email. Two CDA Board members will be attending the Cordova Board of Fish meeting to present and defend this proposal.

Our primary funding source for travel and lodging costs for these meetings is membership dues. Please become a member or, for existing members, renew your membership online at Not only must the CDA pay for the trip to Cordova, our position as dipnetters is strengthened when we show that the dipnetters of Alaska support us and our proposals.

If any members with ideas for a Chitina dipnetting regulation change, I would be happy to help draft the proposal and support it at the Cordova meeting in December. Contact me via the information below. Deadline for proposal submission is April 24,2020.