The minimum time commitment expected of board members fits into most peoples schedules without too much trouble. Our meeting schedule is light. We normally meet monthly between December and May to prepare for the Fairbanks Outdoor show in April, which is a major membership building opportunity, and for our Annual Meeting in May. We meet prior to Board of Fish meetings (typically every 3 years) affecting our fishery. We develop proposals to benefit personal use fishers and decide how to support or oppose other proposals.

We have occasional emergency meetings to address unexpected happenings such as O'Brien Creek Road damage. 

For board members wanting to be more involved, there is plenty to do beyond the minimum! The website can always use some fresh content either on new topics or to clean up old. Working to grow the membership is high on our list of priorities. And we are always looking for new proposal ideas to put before the Board of Fisheries that will improve our collective lot. Our presence on social networking, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc, isn't as strong as it should be (we are only Facebook). Marketing merchandise is a constant endeavor. Designing new graphics for the merch is something we could use help with. There's more, too. If you're interested, contact us!

Sweeping the flats for reds and kings

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What do you have to offer the CDA Board of Directors? While it would be great if new board members were already experts, we are looking for people willing to learn and do the work of reaching CDA's goals.
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