2020 Dipnet Harvest Reporting Changes

From the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, “For the Chitina permit, this year it is required that all harvest reporting be done online. In the past you could fill out your paper and mail it to the department. No longer. For those without internet access, they can call the Fairbanks F&G office and go through the process over the phone, but mailing physical reports in is no longer an option.

News and Events

Permit are available online! ADF&G is requiring online catch reporting this year.
CDA is paying attention to the governor's 2020 Board of Fish nominees.
The Chitina Dipnetters will be sending two representatives to the December, 2020, Board of Fish meeting in Cordova.
CDA participated in the third Copper River Salmon Harvesters Roundtable in February, organized by The Copper River Watershed Project.
CDA President Chuck Derrick met with DOT and ADF&G to see how our Chitina dipnet permit money is being spent.