Block Paragraph

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Example #1

Plugin Block

There are times, creating pages using paragraphs, we need to embed a block with views result, or some custom block. In that kind of situation with help comes Block Paragraph. You can use it to embed any block that can be placed in the Block Layout, so it gives us quite a lot of possibilities.

Below we have an example of embedding a block with Social Icons - the same block is also placed in our footer, just the title of the block is overwritten here.

Social Media Block

Example #2

Content Block with Paragraphs

Quite often you probably noticed, that there is a common content shared between multiple subpages. Let's think for example of "Our Partners" section or "Contact us" banner. Instead of adding identical paragraphs over again, you could create Content Block with that paragraph and embed it in all pages using Block Paragraph like we did bellow.

Abstract background

Contact us

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