O'Brien Creek Road woes

O'Brien Creek Road sustained two rock slides that currently block the Copper River Highway Right-of-way just prior to the bluff above O'Brien Creek. The slides and other road damage block vehicle access to the O'Brien Creek parking area. The Chitina area experienced a heavy snow fall, followed by warm temperatures and heavy rains last October, triggering the slides and causing 80-100 feet of road bed to split about 5 feet in from the outside edge of the road. The road is ready at both locations to slide out and down the hillside.

DOT has drawn up plans for repair work, which will involve contracting a private construction firm to perform the repairs. The cost of this contract will be far greater than the dipnet permit fund can handle. DOT is looking into other funding sources, but as of last word, none has been secured. It is likely that travel to O'Brien Creek will be difficult for vehicles larger than an ATV this summer. CDA is working with DOT to find a solution. We will have updated information on the road's status at the annual meeting.

Chuck Derrick, longtime CDA member and president, wrote to the Interior Legislators asking for their help with funding this project. If anyone has funding ideas or leads, please contact the Chitina Dipnetters Association or your legislators.