Dipnetters have something to celebrate!

Due to the December 2014 Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF) passage of the Chitina Dipnetters Association (CDA) sponsored proposal #39, the 2015 Chitina Dip Net Fishery bag limit will be increased. The new limit is 25 salmon for the head of household (permit holder) plus 10 salmon for each additional household member. This means a household of 1 can take 25, household of 2 a limit of 35, household of 3 can take 45 salmon, and so on. The total bag limit cannot include more than 1 king salmon. As a bargaining point to get this proposal passed, supplemental periods were eliminated. Your support of CDA through membership dues, donations, t-shirt and hoodie sales, and raffle ticket purchases allowed CDA to send 3 board members to the December BOF meeting in Cordova. This was not a cheap endeavor as it required round trip air fare for 3 as well as 7 days of room and meals. The CDA attendees were able to argue against and stave off proposals detrimental to the dip net fishery. CDA went prepared with the fisheries data needed to support our views. We are happy to say that of the many proposals submitted dealing with all the finfish fisheries in the Prince William Sound and Copper River our proposal to raise the bag limit was one of the few proposals to be passed. The CDA board is an all volunteer board and your support of our organization will allow us to continue to make improvements to the Chitina dip net fishery. Additional BoF meeting details are available.