March 14, 2023 Board of Fish meeting recap

Chitina Dipnetters:

The Chitina Dipnetters Association president attended the March 10-13 Statewide Board of Fisheries meeting held at the Egan Civic Center in Anchorage. CDA gave testimony opposing four anti-dipnetting proposals, all submitted by commercial fishermen. Since I am also a member of the Fairbanks Fish & Game Advisory Committee, I spoke to oppose one subsistence proposal. Mark Spencer of Alaska Expeditions, Ryan Ford of Rock Skip Adventures, representatives from the Kenai River Sport Fishing Association and a few members of the public spoke in opposition to all five proposals. Public comments received by the BOF for these proposals averaged 30 FOR and 497 AGAINST. Thank you to all who took the time to send in your comments. Your input really helps to sway the BOF. I am happy to tell you that all four anti-Personal Use dipnetting proposals failed. One proposal banning guiding in subsistence fisheries statewide did pass.

Prop. 163Prohibit guiding in personal use finfish fisheries
Failed — BOF took no action — The no action vote was due to the withdrawal of the proposal by the author. I'm sure the large amount of opposition played a part in his decision.

Prop. 164Establish registration and reporting requirements for Personal Use guides and transporters
Failed — 0 for and 6 against.

Prop. 165Prohibit compensation for guide services in subsistence fisheries
Passed 5-1. Surprisingly the only no vote was cast by the quasi subsistence seat on the BOF.

Prop. 166Establish a statewide bag limit for all Personal Use finfish fisheries.
Failed 0-6

Prop. 167Require in-season reporting of subsistence and personal use salmon harvest within 5 days of harvest
Failed 0-6

Chuck Derrick
President, Chitina Dipnetters Association