O'Brien Creek trail update

Nov 08, 2018

Trail improvements between O'Brien and Haley Creeks are in progress. A portion of everyone's $15 Chitina dip net permit fee is funding DOT to undertake this work. Manual brush clearing was completed all the way to Haley Creek before the dipnet season started this spring. In October, DOT's Tazlina crew brought an excavator and a small dozer in to work on trouble spots from the O'Brien Creek crossing to mile 5.13. The images below show examples of the work they completed. This winter, DOT is working to obtain the permits for the remainder of the trail work out to Haley Creek.

Sockeye allocation!

Jun 11, 2018

Due to poor sockeye returns, today, June 12, marks 14 days since the Copper River commercial fleet has had an opening. In past years, this circumstance would have invoked a regulation automatically decreasing the Copper River personal use (ie dipnetter) allocation from 100-150 thousand sockeyes to 50,000 sockeyes for the remainder of the season. But not this year or any other! The Chitina Dipnetters Association submitted a proposal to the Alaska Board of Fisheries rescinding that regulation. The BoF considered that proposal at their December, 2017, meeing in Valdez.

Dipnet Fee Utilization

Apr 10, 2018

A new dipnetting season is rapidly approaching and the Chitina Dipnetters Association is hard at work. The $15 dipnet permit fee we supported in the Legislature is in full effect now. Vaulted toilets have been installed at O'Brien Creek and the parking area just above it. Garbage collection is more efficient and timely.

Past CDA President Byron Haley

Oct 01, 2017

Byron Haley, the former president of Chitina Dipnetters Association, passed away Sunday evening, September 24th, at the Pioneers home. He was 90 years old. His funeral will be held Monday October 2nd at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, the log church off 1st Ave by the river near the old library. Viewing is at 11am and funeral at Noon. He will be buried in the graveyard at Manley, Ak. CDA purchased a nice flower arrangement on behalf of the Chitina Dipnetters Association. The card says

Dipnetters have something to celebrate!

May 06, 2015

Due to the December 2014 Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF) passage of the Chitina Dipnetters Association (CDA) sponsored proposal #39, the 2015 Chitina Dip Net Fishery bag limit will be increased. The new limit is 25 salmon for the head of household (permit holder) plus 10 salmon for each additional household member. This means a household of 1 can take 25, household of 2 a limit of 35, household of 3 can take 45 salmon, and so on. The total bag limit cannot include more than 1 king salmon.